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The Bulgarian Association for Leasing (BAL) is a non-profit organization representing the leasing companies in the Republic of Bulgaria. The BAL was established after the merger of the two national associations – Bulgarian Association of the Leasing Companies and Bulgarian Association for Development of the Leasing Business. The merger is a fact since the court announced the decision of merger on February 13th, 2006.


The activities of BAL include the protection of interests of all companies carrying out leasing activities, promoting leasing, and encouragement of leasing activities in the Republic of Bulgaria, by recognising the principles of equality of all market participants and fair competition.


The main aims and goals of the Bulgarian Association for Leasing are:

  Improving the Bulgarian commercial and tax legislation concerning the leasing activities;
  Improving the competitiveness of the Bulgarian leasing industry;
  Promoting fair competition practices in the Bulgarian leasing market;
  Increasing the awareness of the Bulgarian business community and consumers on issues related to leasing products and activities;
  Participation in international leasing organizations and forums.


The BAL bodies are the General Assembly and the Management Board. The BAL General Assembly is its supreme body and it consists of all its members The Management Board is the body that is responsible for the operational management of the Association. It consists of nine members elected by the General Assembly with a mandate of three years. A Legal Committee established in 2015 functions as a supporting structure at the Association.


BAL has been a member of Leaseurope – the European Federation of Associations of Leasing companies and the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria.


The current members of BAL are 19 leasing companies with a market share of over 80% of the leasing market in Bulgaria.


Benefits of membership in BAL:

  Become part of an organization that brings together companies with high standards of reliability and professionalism;

  Receive information on the development of the sector, legislative changes, good practices, and trends in the national and European markets;

  Representation and protection of the interests of the leasing business before national institutions and organizations;

  Opportunity to take part in the monthly meetings of the Management Board of the association, to discuss the common problems in the industry and seek solutions to resolve them;

  Opportunity to take part in discussions and develop proposals concerning improvement of the regulatory framework of lease activities;

  Access to the BAL information system “Leasing companies” for the administration of local taxes and fees with Sofia Municipality;

  Opportunity to participate in training seminars for members of the association at preferential prices.